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7. Filter Island

7.filter1Posting by: Frieda

We’ve come to Filter Island and I’m not at all sure I like it here.
The island consists entirely of swamps and marsh lands.
In the marshes, there are men with shotguns, waiting to shoot the hapless carrier birds who fly over or settle here for a rest.
That’s certainly not very nice.

It’s bad for the pigeons, of course, and also for the people’s whose messages they were carrying that will now never get through!7.filter2

How can a part of the free and open internet be used to keep the net from being free and open??
I’m very disillusioned!

6. Bitcoin Island 2

Posting by: Petunia Penguin

I just took a picture of Bitcoin Island with my Netlers and sent it off to Cloud Island with one of those pigeons.
Everyone should feel free to use it for any purpose.
If it helps you find some virtual gold, please send me a cut!

WOD comment: You can’t have it both ways!
You either share your work freely or you claim a right to payment.
Those who receive your picture need to know whether or not they will owe you money if they use it!

5. Cloud Island 1


5.cloud2Posting by: Caroline Cat

Today I came to an island that looked like it was composed entirely of clouds.
It was very beautiful — but I couldn’t see inside and couldn’t even tell how big it is.
There seems to be strange buzzing noise coming from the inside.
Millions of birds were flying into and out of the cloud all the time.

4. Domain Island 1


Posting by: Frieda

We talked with some of the birds flying into and out of Domain Island. They explained that they are picking up addresses to which they can carry various packets of information.

These carrier pigeons, for lack of a better name, told us that they used to fly freely though the skys but are now meeting patrols of hawks that tell them to slow down unless they pay some kind of toll.

Apparently, some group of pigeons work with the pigs and demand special lanes in the sky so they can fly faster.

The other pigeons are very annoyed!

Comment by WOD: Seems to me that if the pigs and hawks can take possession of a lane in the sky, they are entitled to charge whatever they want for access to it! That’s what private property is all about! If the other pigeons don’t like it, they should rope off their own area of the sky!

3. Bitcoin island 1

3.bitcoin1Posting by: Petunia Penguin

I and my companion (Peter Pup) have come across a very strange island.
The inhabitants call it “Bitcoin Island” and everyone here seems to be digging for virtual gold.
They don’t seem to find any virtual gold very often — so the price of the lumps they do find is very high.
It’s not clear who will take this virtual gold as payment for anything, so I guess they all just hope the price keeps going up.
Today there was a visit by some representatives of governments, who questioned whether this is all legal.
Nobody knows that answer to that, apparently, so I guess the digging will keep going on for a while.

2. Netler Warning 1

Posting by: Stephanie Sheep

I’ve discovered a very strange phenomenon. Whenever I try to download a LOLCat video through my Netlers, I get a warning message.
Something like a threat to shut down my Netlers unless I make a payment!
After a while, the warning ends and everything seems to work ok — but I”m worried that my Netlers might actually break at some point.
Are you other guys getting these warnings?

1. ICANN 1

1.icann2Posting by: Freddie.Hi all! Freddie here.
Frieda and I headed out past Search Island for a little honeymoon. Before long we came to Domain Island, which is an amazing place.

The fields on the island are carved up into millions of little patches, with different kinds of plants on every patch. Birds fly in carrying little scraps of paper with letters and words written on them, finding just the right patch. Then they fly out with different scraps of paper holding numbers. Our guess is that this has something to do with how the internet works.

1.icann1Strangely enough, in the hills overlooking the fields, there is a large– assembly area with a big crowd.
Everyone is making speeches, meeting in small groups, posting proclamations with no apparent effect on the activity in the fields below.
We saw a big banner that read “ICANN” — but we have no idea what it means.
Special note to the cats: let us know if you have questions you would like us to ask if we can find anyone in this crowd willing to talk with us.