1Sung by Sammy

15.1MOOSE: Very Nice. Very Nice. Thank you, Penguins. Now, do you, Frieda, take this overly enthusiastic puppy to be your companion for the exploration of a free and open Internet?
FRIEDA: I extremely do!
MOOSE: Do you, Freddie – Freddie, over here – agree to boldly go into frigid and uncharted waters in the company of this charming and beautiful companion?
FREDDIE: (gulp) I do.
MOOSE: Very well, now, I now pronounce you BFF.
FREDDIE: (clueless) BFF? What’s that?
NARRATOR: On a nearby hill, a Pig is watching.
PIG: Holy Sow! We won’t get our big data if they all leave Safe Island for the free and open Internet! It’s time to order the ATTACK!!!
attack buzzer sounds
NARRATOR: Sammy the seal of disapproval, and ex- boyfriend of Frieda’s, rallies his bully buddies to surround and harass the wedding party.

15.2We are the seals of disapproval
If we do not approve of you
We will see to your removal
We will soon dispense with you.
You’re done.
Fate sealed.
Stamped out.

We put our stamp of disapproval
On those who venture to the open sea
Some have said it’s a bit too feudal
But we’ve got stamps that disagree.
They’re done.
Fate sealed.
Stamped out.

We are the seals of disapproval
My love life’s gone to the dogs
So my gang’ll fight until we move all
Those puppies to an icy gulag.
It’s war!
Fate sealed.
Stamped out.
Chill, Freddie, chill!

15.3We are the seals of disapproval
And this kind of union isn’t gonna do
It’s a threat and a gross refutal
Of all the world has been accustomed to.
It’s wrong.
Be gone.
15.4Fate sealed.
Fate sealed.
Stamped out!