“Who are those guys?”


David R. Johnson has practiced, taught and written about CyberLaw and is still searching for the best model for Internet governance. He is Creator and Producer of the Moosical. More

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Mario Tosto, is an accomplished composer, so-so musician, audio engineer and sometimes webmaster, techie and philosopher. He wrote all the music and most of the lyrics for the Moosical and co-produces. More


Steven Thomas is a freelance artist/designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who designed the characters and did the nifty artwork. Smash Digital


Ben Tosto, Narrator & other characters
Joan Ostrin, Frieda & other characters
Mario Tosto, Freddie & other characters
David Johnson, The Moose


Laurie Tosto, Proofreader extraordinaire
Clare Tosto, Tester
Peter Tosto, Technical advisor
Judy Johnson, Netlers inventor
Casey Davis, Cook & cheerleader